16 Week Business Mentorship

Are you ready to make a quantum leap & take your business to the next level? 🙋‍♀️

If so, then the Build Your Dream Biz Mentorship is what you’ve been waiting for! In this intensive 16 week program, I will help you go from feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, and struggling in your business….

….to feeling confident in yourself as an entrepreneur, clear on WHO you are here to serve and HOW exactly you can help them, and finally booking your first paying clients! 💸

🦋 The Build Your Dream Biz Mentorship Includes 16 1:1 calls where:

👉 We will dive DEEP into your vision, mission, and your WHY. We will discover exactly WHO your ideal clients are, WHAT their deepest desires and pain points are, and HOW to market directly to them in a way that speaks directly to their soul.

👉 I will help you become a master of social media and effortlessly make money through instagram by being the most EXTRA authentic and wildly unique version of yourself.

No more trying to be “professional” online 🙅🏽‍♀️ . It's time to let your sexiest, most magnetic energy shine causing your soulmate clients to think “Fuck yes I need to work with you” BEFORE ever jumping on a discovery call 🌟

👉 Find the perfect words to describe the powerful work that you do and showcase your magnificent personality online.

Soon you will be talking about your business with utmost excitement and glee that will have complete strangers asking “How can I start working with you! I’m ready to start this week and pay in full!!

👉 Create a business plan and road map that is unique to you! We will focus on incorporating both your feminine and masculine energy into your business, so that you are working in a way that feels deeply nourishing to your soul.

Leave the hustle and grind at the door, and get ready to be in the flow and run your business on YOUR terms! 💯

Are you ready to experience business breakthroughs 🤯 , loving accountability and support 🥰 , and a marketing bestie who has your back and will improve your business’s bottom line 🤑 ?

I invite you to book a discovery call and explore our options of working together.

Price: $5000

Number of sessions: 16

Length of each session (in minutes): 60

Total Hours: 16.00

Language(s): english