frequently asked questions

Is it free to join the platform ?
Yes it is. You can register and log in for free. You will pay only for the coaching sessions booked.
How can I be a coach on the platform?
It is very easy. First be aware that it is free to join the platform. We only take commissions on the sessions you'll be having and doing on the platform. To register, click on the log in button. Register with your email or via social media. Make sure to select 'Register as a Coach". You will then receive an email to verify your emails. Confirm your email and then head back to your profile on Make sure to put all the information needed and publish it! Once published, people will be able to see it and book introductury call and sessions with you.
Does a coach can be a coachee as well?
Yes, once you have created your coach profile you can also create a coachee profile and browse to find your coach to help you grow on the defined subject you have chosen.
Can we review the coaches?
Yes and we highly recommend you to share your experience with the coach as this will make sure that we provide you with the best coaches and that you have a good experience and growth.
How can I find the right coach?
Each and every coach is invited to create their profile, put the key words as per the topics they can coach you on as well as have a little intro video for you to have a first preview. You ca
How can I book a coach?
After browsing for the subject and finding the coach you want to work with, just select the time and click on the book session with coach. Depending on the option chosen by the coach, you wil
What if the coach doesn’t show up?
Should a coach not show up to the session please inform us right away so that we can reimburse you the session or reschedule it.
What is included in the free session?
You can have one unique free session with the selected coached you are preselected. During the 15 minutes, you have the opportunity to share with your coach to explain what are your objective
Can I book more than one hour with my coach?
Yes you can. Make sure to discuss with him as per the best frequency. You can book as many hours with your coach according to his availability
Do I get a certification?
No. Coach Tribe does not certify neither the coaches nor the coachees whom have gone through coaching sessions.
How can I pay for my coaching session?
The sessions for the coaching session are paid upfront, before the coaching sessions, mainly through paypal, stripe and credit card.
How do I get paid for my coaching sessions as a coach?
The sessions are paid by the coachee upfront. After the session, you’ll receive your payment 4 to 5 days after.
What are the subjects dealt with on the platform?
Our goal is to help you find a wide variety of coaches from business to personal topics. We work continuously to ensure to recruit more and more coaches to be on the platform to cover as many
What if I want to tackle multiple subjects at the same time?
It is up to you to decide how many coaches you’d like to work with, to manage your calendar or decide on the topics. It is up to you to decide how many coaches you’d like to work with, to ma
Are they any payment plan?
Coaching sessions have to be paid upfront. You can then choose should you pay once at a time the sessions or should you have chosen a package, to pay them at once or multiple times.
How can I cancel my sessions?
You have up to 12 hours before the session to cancel it without a fee. After that, it will depend on the coach terms of use.
How do you make sure of the quality of the coaches?
We cannot guarantee the information provided by the coaches. However we will follow thoroughly the different sessions and your reviews. Should a coach has 5 consecutive negative reviews he wi
Are all coaches certified?
Some coaches will be certified coach. Please check their profile to see which certificates they have. Coach Tribe do not deliver certifications to the coaches on the platform.
In which languages do coaching sessions are given?
Each coach has the possibility to deliver the coaching session in the languages they speak and are fluent in. Please browse and use the filter to look for your preferred language to have your
How can I cancel my sessions?
You have up to 12 hours before the session to cancel it without a fee. After that, it will depend on the coach terms of use.
How many subjects can I offer as a coach?
You can use as many themes that you feel you are an expert in. Make sure to enter in your profile page all the different themes that you’d like to discuss.