Business & Social Media Monthly Coaching

Are you ready to get your first paying clients (without feeling salesy) and grow the “OMG I can’t believe I’m getting paid for this” business of your dreams -once and for all? You’re in the right place. 👏

I can’t tell you how often I talk to entrepreneurs who are working so hard in their business, but not making any money. They tell me that they Feel so lost when it comes to creating social media content, and that they feel awkward doing discovery calls because they don’t want to seem salesy or pushy.

They feel they are doing all of the “things'', from posting consistently on social media, sending out newsletters, creating freebies and offers but no one is buying.

They feel lost, overwhelmed, and it causes them to doubt themself. They wonder if being an entrepreneur is for them, and they even considered if they should just get a 9-5 job. Can you relate?

If so, then the Embody Your Inner CEO Program is what you’ve been waiting for. In this 8 week program, I will help you go from feeling overwhelmed, uncertain, and struggling in your business to feeling confident AF, clear on your business success roadmap, and fully booked!

The Embody Your Inner CEO Program Includes 8 1:1 calls where:

👉 We will release those stubborn limiting beliefs and thought patterns that are keeping you stuck, and transform your mindset once and for all. Say “Bye Felicia” to those insecurities and doubts and confidently embody the wildly successful CEO that you truly are!re

👉 Become a master of social media and effortlessly make money through instagram by being the most EXTRA authentic and wildly unique version of yourself. No more trying to be “professional” on the gram.

It's time to let your sexiest, most magnetic energy shine causing your soulmate clients to think “Fuck yes I need to work with you” BEFORE ever jumping on a discovery call.

👉 Find the perfect words to describe the powerful work that you do and showcase your magnificent personality online.

Soon you will be talking about your business with utmost excitement and glee that will have complete strangers asking “How can I start working with you! I’m ready to start this week and pay in full!!

I invite you to book a discovery call and explore our options of working together. 📞👇

Price: $850

Number of sessions: 4

Length of each session (in minutes): 90

Total Hours: 6.00

Language(s): english