Thrive Abroad Advanced Program - Live Life to the Fullest!

In the 6 months that we will work together you…

– Unpack yourself from limiting beliefs that make you feel disconnected with yourself and your surroundings

– Stop doubting whether this life abroad is meant for you or whether you will ever ‘fit in’ and belong 

– Let Go of struggles and feel empowered, confident and excited about your lifestyle abroad 

– No longer feel overwhelmed, but have the clarity to see through challenges and move forward with ease and joy

- Get rid of feeling 'unsettled' and finally finding your feeling of home from within, wherever you are. 


This program is perfect for:

- People who don't want to hold back anymore and feel ready to (finally) take action towards their biggest dreams

- Digital Nomads who feel unsettled by moving places regularly and are seeking for a feeling of home and a better balance between work/travel/life! 

- Expats and others who want to finally put themselves first and desire to create a lifestyle abroad that really aligns with who they are and their vision

- Travellers who are looking for an action plan for their goals, figuring out what their next step will be and how they can really embarce their travel experiences to the fullest

- Anyone else who is committed to their growth, feel like he/she deserves more than their current life (abroad) and is ready to finally upgrade themselves and their life (abroad) 

In our coaching sessions we work on:

1. Your Mindset & Energy - what's working and what isn't

2. Clear Goals & Vision Planning - it's time to act big on your goals! 

3. Creating a clear Action Plan & Road Map - let's make it happen 

4. Accountability & Implementation - I support you through all the steps 


This is Veerle Beelen's most extensive program for a deep transformation and big results, designed for the go-getters who are ready to take themselves and their life abroad to the next level! 


Package includes:

2 coaching sessions per month with Veerle Beelen, a professional & certified Living Abroad Coach. Plus ongoing email/Voxer support in between the sessions, exercises to get you into action mode, and accountability and support from your coach to help you implement your insights and really take action on the things you want. 

If you are committed to your personal growth and are ready to take action - no more holding back or playing small - and you're ready to life your life to the fullest, then this program is perfect for you! 

Price: $2200

Number of sessions: 12

Length of each session (in minutes): 60

Total Hours: 12.00

Language(s): english,dutch