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Hello everyone!  Welcome to “La Luce”!


My name is Carmina.


La Luce means the Light in Italian. At La Luce, we Are your guiding light and your north star!


We help “Heal Your Soul”, Turn your Wounds Into Wisdom,  Find Happiness and Peace, Live in Love not Fear, and Manifest the Life you desire, and DESERVE.


I specialize in emotional, psychological, and spiritual coaching & consulting.  I provide coaching and counseling for emotional wellness & trauma recovery, mental health, spiritual growth, and psychic & tarot readings.


I hold Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology and am currently working on her Doctorate Degree in Counseling Traumatology.  I am a certified Life Coach and a Reiki Master Teacher.


I have over with over 15 years experience in psychological health with focus on trauma recovery and over 10 years practice in Energy Work.


Through my own trauma recovery, soul revival, and spiritual journey, I became fascinated with the mind-body-spirit connection. 


This led me to combine my training of psychology, yoga, and energy work to inspire individuals healing journey, spiritual growth, and to live ones passion and purpose.


 - Explore techniques to help release negative emotions holding you back.


- Accept each challenge as an opportunity that strengthens our will, confidence, and ability to effectively manage future obstacles.


- Transform YOUR life to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love.



If you are ready to learn, evolve, and flourish, book a session now!


I look forward to working with you on your journey!


Sending you lots of love!


Ciao for now!

Transformations Offered By This Coach

‣ Counseling, Life Coaching, Intuitive Guidance, Transformation, Manifestation
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Mental Health
Spiritual Growth
Psychic & Tarot Readings
Emotional Wellness & Trauma Recovery
Mental Health
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‣ Mental Health
‣ Spiritual Growth
‣ Psychic & Tarot Readings
‣ Emotional Wellness & Trauma Recovery