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Christina is a self-love and aromatherapy EFT coach,a passionate podcast host,and an international team leader in the health and beauty industry  empowering women to be who they always dreamt to become and live a life of passion,health,joy and freedom !

When she s assisting her clients to set up their own business or create more abundance in their life+business,you can find Christina online offering free masterclasses in her private community @SoulGasm Empire Creators! 
Her mission is to make 1k women feel more SoulGasmic and enjoy FREEDOM!

Transformations Offered By This Coach

‣ You realise your real value and start acting confident,loving yourself and attracting what/who you always wanted .
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Tap into healing and self confidence

Tapping is a revolutionary system for stress-free living. Whether is a pain that you are experiencing, an emotional rollercoaster or you feel stuck in your life, booking a session with Christina is your first GREAT step to healing, self-confidence, and self-love. The emotional Freedom Technique is simple, empowering, and instantly efficient.

Christina is an exceptional EFT practitioner and her signature framework includes an extra benefit with tapping-aroma therapy. 

‣ leading an international team in health and beauty industry
‣ Singing
‣ Reading
‣ Swimming
‣ Connecting
‣ Emotional Freedom Technique
‣ Start up business set up and mentoring pack