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Margaret believes in radical whole-human care using energy medicine, acupressure and meridian therapy, craniosacral work, and rebuilding of the nervous system.  She is a root-cause practitioner and loves to empower people through spiritual wellness. Margaret's work has taken her around the world to study at the source (meditation in India and spiritual healing in Costa Rica, herbal medicine in Costa Rica, kinesiology in Australia). She has also studied biomedical ethics and public health, and her masters report was on how alternative modalities work. Margaret speaks on mindfulness, the life of the Empath, the Esoteric Woman, and is a part of Hive Global Leaders, whose vision is a happy, healthy, and fully alive world for all people.

Transformations Offered By This Coach

‣ I help business leaders create a strong spiritual practice so they can live their life purpose
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personal transformation
Get clarity on your vision, use meditation & visualization to anchor it in the body & create measurable action steps that lead to celebratory results.
spiritual wellness

Clear any stuck energy through accessing the soul through the body, access the soul's plan through the dimensions & tap into your lineage & legacy.

Personal Transformation
Create long lasting change by committing to four sessions.
Spiritual Wellness
Learn different modalities to access your highest soul's timeline over 4 sessions at 1.5 hour each.
‣ Working with my clients as a Kinesiologist & Energy Medicine Practitioner
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