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Do you feel like life is going pretty good but it could be freakin' mind blowing amazing?
Like you are not taking advantage of time or the situation and you find yourself running being busy through life? 


If you want to experience life on a deeper level, experience more, feel more alive and live a more adventurous life then you are at the right place. 

If you are you up for an adventure and ready to improve the quality of your life let then let's get the party started as life is meant to be enjoyed and fully experienced! 

Do you desire to travel but it just never seemed possible - either because you are scared as you have never really done it before or because it just seems soo expensive - to be honest, it is all possible at any price range or budget so let me show you how and let's make travel part of who you are.


About Vivi: 

Vivi Dahms, world citizen & adventure coach first found her love for travel and adventure when she was hiking the Himalayas at the age of 5.

This love led her to 70 more countries and a BA in international tourism & emotional intelligence.

Vivi started developing her training and coaching for people that felt travel and adventure is not an option in their life

Currently, she helps people to experience life on a deeper level, travel smarter and create more intentional memories while guiding them to get excited about the life they are building and turning them into their own best storytellers.

Transformations Offered By This Coach

‣ Help you create a more adventures life you are truly in love with
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Emotional Intelligence
‣ Traveled to over 70 countries
‣ Created a life I am fully in love with
‣ I love traveling
‣ I have been to over 70 countries and I really enjoy creating videos for youtube
‣ Helping others live their best life is my biggest passion
‣ Adventure
‣ Emotional Intelligence
‣ Travel
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