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My name is Francesca, and in 2008 I left Italy and have lived around the world ever since. I have visited 52 countries, worked in 10 of them and lived in the 5 continents. 

After having been involved in the field of international cooperation for many years, in 2017 I started my life as a digital nomad, and my mission has since become that of being able to allow everyone to make the same choice of freedom as I did, to be able to align with who you want to be, both in terms of your life and your work.

Transformations Offered By This Coach

‣ unleash your potential ‣ leave the 9-5 and create your own fulfilling career or get your dream job ‣ learn to create passive income ‣ get rid of your limiting beliefs and empower yourself
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1:1 strategic business coaching session

This career coaching session is meant for those who have already created or are in the process of creating their own project, or for those who have already identified which remote career to focus on but are looking for the best strategy to land successfully a remote job. 

This session is not intended for those who do not yet have clear ideas about what remote work they want to do, or for those who want to create a personal project, but do not know where to start. (If this is your case, I suggest you consider my career coaching package, where I will follow you on a customized journey, based on your needs).

Before our session, we will have already talked about your career goal, I will have reviewed your personal project and / or resume and Linkedin profile (in case you want to find a remote job), and I will have developed a strategy adapted to your needs.

This career coaching session will be tailored to your specific goals and situation. Some of the topics we will address are:

  • Identifying gaps in your current strategy that are preventing you from achieving success in getting a job online, or guarantee the success of your personal project
  • Analysis of the tools to be used to maximize results in the shortest possible time
  • Analysis of the best visibility strategy for your brand (in case we will focus on your personal project) or for your profile / resume (in the case of looking for a job online), so that your skills and your value are recognized when you introduce yourself to companies
  • Personalized feedbacks on your strategy, resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Creation of a specific “step by step” action plan so that you are aware of the exact steps to follow, to transform your goal into reality.

My Career Coaching sessions are for anyone who wants to leave their 9-5 life and engage in their dream job, possibly while traveling the world!

I am deeply convinced that work that stimulates the passions of the individual increases their productivity exponentially, as well as giving a degree of satisfaction and fulfillment that no activity, that does not consider one’s deep inclinations, can give.

For this reason, my sessions are meant to help you find the job you really want to do, and that you feel you resonate deeply with.

On the other hand, I am not the right Coach for you if your desire is to do any remote job. In that case, you don’t need a coach for this, there are many remote professions that can give you “money”, you just need to invest a few months to learn new skills, and then apply to companies.

My mission is not to help you find any job online, but to push you to do what your heart really desires.

I am the living example that if we are passionate about what we do, and we really want to make a difference for others, the gain will come by itself.

My packages are customized according to the needs of people. 

There are people who contact me without knowing what they can do in the digital world, while others already have clear ideas but they need guidance and a clear strategy to make reality what they have in mind. Finally, other people want to manifest their personal project, but they don’t have a clear strategy, and need help creating it, building their brand, finding their niche and ideal clients. 

The Career Coaching sessions I offer will be completely customized according to your goals and your specific situation.

After working on the blocks and limitations that are holding you back from embarking on your new path, we will evaluate the various options based on your skills, personality, interests, experience and needs.

Through the creation of your “blueprint”, we will define the professional title you will have and the niche we will be focusing on (CLARITY IS KEY), and afterwards we will take massive action. 

With this new clarity on the direction to take, we will create a specific action plan, and I will guide you step by step in your job search (search process, application, interviews).

Or, in case you want to create your own business, we will manifest your business idea from scratch, wheter is an ecommerce or your online course or your passion projects. 

My sessions will allow you to take concrete steps towards manifesting your dream idea or to obtain the job of your dreams. All of this will set you on the path of a life that will be more inspiring for you. 

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‣ I left Italy age 22 and have been traveling the world and working for the past 14 years
‣ I have worked for the United Nations and top humanitarian organizations for 10 years
‣ I have built my own spiritual retreat business in Peru
‣ I have lived across the 5 continents, travel in 52 countries and lived in 10.
‣ travelling
‣ writing
‣ spirituality
‣ discovering indigenous cultures
‣ nature
‣ personal development