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I am Thalea, the face behind Hersunkissedsoul and Hersunkissedsoul Coaching. I have recently transitioned from English teaching based abroad to become a Wellness Coach focused on food and body freedom. Hersunkissedsoul Coaching is a safe space for women to meet inner peace and be free from stress, anxiety, emotional eating and body shame, to live a life of true fulfilment.

Being able to live abroad and travel has given me so much freedom to explore the world but also allowed me to explore myself more intimately. This journey has led me to discover my true passion and purpose and a journey I
wish all women could take. Now I am able to facilitate that exact journey through my coaching practice and help
other amazing women step into their power without having to take the long way to get there. 

My coaching style is focused on the embodiment approach helping you to tap out of your fear-based mind and step into the wisdom of your body. I do this through practices like meditation, movement, breathwork, and journaling. This approach has changed my life in the most profound ways and it truly lights me up to empower women with these tools to empower themselves.

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Anxiety/ Stress Management Coaching
Mindfulness Sessions
Food and Body Image Coaching
Self Love Coaching
The SunKissedSoul 4 Month Journey
This is my signature 1:1 deep dive Holistic Wellness Coaching package a 4-month container for a sustainable transformation with weekly WhatsApp support between sessions. This program is designed to help women meet inner peace be free from stress, anxiety, emotional eating and body shame to live fulfilled lives.
‣ Hungry For Happiness Certified Coach
‣ Living abroad for over 5 years and traveling through Asia Solo
‣ Starting my own Registered Coaching Practice HERSUNKISSEDSOUL COACHING
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