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After a first part of my life with a successfull career in Executive positions in Corporate and Operational positions, I discovered 8 years ago during my Managing Directir position in Italy that I was missing the sense of what I was doing. Coming from a working class french immigrant family, I was animated by a strong motivation to succeed and become am Engineer, then a Corporate and business executie, which I did.

I made a turnaround on the coaching world to help as much people as possible to increase their leadership, emotional and relational inteligence in the context of their personal and professional life and at the end...become a better version of themselves!


Transformations Offered By This Coach

‣ Help managers and executive in increasing leadership, autonomy, efficiency of their teams and lbe recognized as such by teams ond organizations
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Business and Leadership Coaching
Personal development coaching
‣ 1- Senior Executive in Strategy and Management of Industrial Projects with over 23 years of experience in the management of P&L and operations of multinational companies such as Schneider Electric, Areva and Alstom
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‣ Business and Leadership Coaching
‣ Personal development coaching