Are life coaches worth it?

Are Life Coaches Worth it?

Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you are a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast, or a ‘bridge’ player…We all need people to give us feedback. That’s how we improve.

– Bill Gate, Co-Founder The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Do you consider life coaches as a scam?

Are you overwhelmed with people identifying themselves as life coaches as the field remains unregulated, unlike a medical profession?

Well, despite the heavy presence of life coaches online and the positive testimonies from high performers around the world, many people who have not benefited from life coaching still look at it as a ‘thing’ for the weak. Others doubt the trust and competence of life coaches. It is not even uncommon to find some people saying that self-help books or some internet resources are better than life coaching. 

Moreover, the relatively high cost of hiring a competent life coach on many platforms makes people contemplate whether they are worth hiring or not, raising the controversial question: Are life coaches worth it?

We all Need To Grow and Life Coaches Understand The Nitty-gritty Of The Journey

It is human nature to always seek more and aspire to do better. Every day, life’s events move like a progressive but never-ending race, requiring us to overcome tough challenges or adapt to emerging changes and realities—again and again.  

 When life throws small or big challenges at our feet, we tend to seek support from people we can trust to move forward in the journey of life. As humans, our constant need for growth in both personal and professional life usually nudges us to look beyond ourselves and seek help from experts, thought leaders, mentors, coaches, monks, therapists, and what have you.

Today, life coaches are becoming much sought-after because of their special abilities to make the journey of personal growth much faster and less complicated. Coaching is no longer a buzzword exclusive for sport, it is also used in personal development as in life coaching. For one thing, life coaches work together with their clients to assess their clients’ present position, help them gain clarity, and finally determine the right steps needed to achieve goals and stimulate growth.

Talking about growth, it requires stepping away from one’s comfort zone. For anyone, it is often difficult (but possible) to successfully break a bad habit or embrace new, good ones all alone–without having someone such as a life coach available to lend a helping hand. Building the right mindset for growth and holding us firmly and fairly accountable is the expertise of good life coaches. Whether we desire to improve our relationship, meet a life goal or find a purpose, life coaches possess the right dose of inspiration, motivation to help us get things done or even exceed our targeted goals.

Besides, Life coaches understand that “all change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.” Therefore, they give an accurate picture of reality which is usually beyond our personal biases or limited perception of reality. In his famous TED Talk, Atul Gawande noted that coaches are “your external eyes and ears, providing a more accurate picture of your reality”.  

In our relentless pursuit of personal growth, we can save ourselves from avoidable mistakes by identifying the bigger picture through the eyes of a competent life coach. For high performers, life coaches are a necessity to move to the next level in their respective fields. According to various testimonies, life coaching is not only a perfect process to discover what is happening , but also the right way to determine the perfect reactions to it.

 Life Coaches Bring Trust and Competence To The Table

A life coach is someone who is dedicated to helping you solve your problems, maximize your full potential, and reach your desired results. What they bring to the table is their training and experience which they will use to help you grow and get faster to your goal while supporting you along the way. More importantly, good life coaches spend time to develop themselves as that is what guarantees value as they don’t only tell you that they can help you but “walk the talk” by seeking support themselves when needed to grow and expand their expertise. An eternal growth journey!

Because of their rich experience in supporting people who are dealing with the ups and downs of life, life coaches have a special way of helping you to build a positive mindset and right attitude for us to face present and potential problems like a hero.

Whether you want to advance your career, build confidence, or get a memorable vacation abroad, several life coaches that specialize in offering these services. From a career coach to a relationship coach, you have got an inventory of coaches who can create an enabling space for growth to happen with ease. 

Every good relationship is built on trust. On platforms like Coach Tribe, coaches are not only bound by the rules to establish trust, they are also equipped with personal experiences to create an atmosphere of trust where confidential information can fly in the relationship without a breach of trust. Also, coaches at Coach Tribe are driven by the willingness and passion to fully support people in their personal growth and create lasting impacts at the same time.

The Cost of Hiring A Life Coach is High, Is it Worth It?

Getting a competent coach does not come cheap just as nothing good comes easy. While the cost may vary from coaches to coaches, the ranges of prices for hiring life coaches are usually between $75 to $200 per hour, according to an online source. There are even coaches that charge well above $1000. 

Like every other purchase decisions we make, hiring a perfect coach requires us to recognize our actual needs and evaluate the available options. Nevertheless, hiring a life coach should not be looked upon like shopping in a grocery store or its equivalent. Life coaching is different. Above all, what you should be concerned about is that you will be paying to get the pool of experience and expertise of a life coach which you need to grow and transcend to the next level.

 How To Find The Right Life Coach and make the Experience–Get the value for your money

In the last few years, life coaching has been very trendy and popping in more and more. Yes, there are scammers. Yes, some talk a lot and don’t deliver. However, there are ways to weather the storm, find your coach fit, and achieve or even exceed your goals.

First of all, you need to ask yourself: do I know what a life coach does? Knowing the answer to this will go a long way in helping you decide if a life coach is worth something to you.

Again, it is good to remember that a life coach is a guide who will help you reach your goals faster in life and overcome the challenges you might have along the way. He or she will help you to:

  • Identify and focus on what’s important
  • Identify the gaps between where you are and where you want to be
  • Define how to get there

After recognizing the core functions of a life coach, you need to do a little audit of where you are and where you’d like to be. To do this, ask questions such as :

  • What areas of life do I want to improve? 
  • Am I keen and ready to make the changes? 
  • Would seeing and getting the support of someone to give me the ropes & support me be of any value?

Coaching is a lot about taking action. Your coach will help you come up with a plan that is peculiar to your needs, your goal– and this for the long term While they will hold you accountable, coaches do not make you dependent on them. Instead, they help you build up your skills, set a way of thinking, and taking action so that you can continue by yourself in the long run–and in the long-term.

At the end of the day, coaching will be successful only if you put on the work if you take action as they won’t be doing it for you. In some cases, coaches will acknowledge your bluff if you tell them the truth and get you out of your comfort zone so you can live up to your capabilities and live the life you want for yourself.

You will see the benefits of coaching if you are open to change, ready to work, and not in a judgmental or defensive mindset. The main benefit of working with a coach is to have someone in your corner who supports you and works with you to get you where you want to be.

It is up to you to find the best and right coach for you as per your objective, vision, personality. Coaches, in general, are worth it if you consider that their experience can support you and you value it. It will be worth it even more if you are ready to make a change and to take action.

Remember any coaching will be successful only if you do the work. Are you ready?

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